Horror Lovers’ Delight Is Now Available Here

Watch the walking dead onlineBeing a horror genre lover is not quite common, but it is a cool form of weirdness. People tend to pour in all their love for Horror based books and movies. Some at the extreme may even try to experiment with the other side of the world. Celebrating Halloween will always be their favourite.

To all the book lovers, the announcement of “The Walking Dead” comic to be released as a TV show created a massive obsession and expectations among people, especially horror genre lovers. “The Walking dead” is a comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Later, Frank Darabont developed a horror genre television series based on the comic book. The walking dead is an American television series that hit the small screen on 31st Oct, 2010 and internationally on Nov, 2010. This being an ongoing show had released 6 seasons until 2015 with future seasons yet to release. Watch the walking dead online through Youstream website and enjoy your show!!

A Quick Glimpse

After months of staying in coma, one final day Rick Grimes wakes up to face multiple horrors, the first being the badly damaged hospital. On leaving the hospital to Ricks horror, the world seemed and turned out to be a place that was entirely different in a sick manner. A world overrun by Zombies, the dead who walk and are referred to as bitters left Rick terrified. Not knowing the life status of his family and friends, also totally confused with this environment Rick gets to reunite with his friends and also he gathered few other living people to survive in the world of zombies. Their struggles and encounters with the zombie world with unexpected twists, makes it the most interesting and a thrilling TV show. Indeed a delight for horror lovers.